Staurday, 12 Octpber, 2014

Baadraan Company offers the large range of consumer products. Our Products are divided to 4 main categories. Beauty, sanitary, wellness, textile products are 5 main product categories.

Beauty Products
The Beauty products divided into 5 sub categories. Our beauty products guarantee only the best for your skin. we are particularly interested in natural and certified products, manufactured in the best procedure.
Cosmetic products
Skin care
Hair care

Sanitary Products
BaadRaan Sanitary products divided into 4 sub categories. We use highest technology for producing these products. Our extensive and high performance sanitary products offer you a variety of ranges to meet your daily needs. They are based on or inspired by natural ingredients to make you feel clean, refreshed, healthy and relaxed.
Personal care
Air Freshener Spray

Wellness products
Baadraan wellness product divided into 2 sub categories. This Wellness products contains natural herbal extracts. Baadraan wellness Product offers herbal extracts that will help lead you to better health. Choose from our variety of all-natural herbal liquid extracts that will meet your needs, From Blood pressure to fatness. Each formulation affects the body differently. Some formulas act quickly, while others take more time to balance, nourish, and support body systems
Herbal syrup
Herbal Oils

Clothes and textile products
Baadraan clothes and textile products include men underwear, scarf, pillowcase and counterpane. All of these products have made from cotton
textile products