Why Baadraan

Staurday, 12 Octpber, 2014

      Baadraan is a Direct selling company with more than 300,000 distributers. Baadraan annual turnover exceeding $150M. our solid commitment to earning income by associate is one of our core principles, Baadraan company pays more than 45 million dollar commissions on the sales to the associates annually.
Baadraan executive team is motivated and inspired every day by how our customers become satisfy.  We are committed to the mission of helping associates realize their full potential to gain financial freedom. Baadraan stands for quality and innovation in all of its products, services, and sales activities.
You’ve probably heard it called “social responsibility.” Some of Baadraan’s product is produced by physically disabled persons. We are responsible to making the world a better, happier, more beautiful place for everyone. For example, Baadraan textile productions site managed by physically disabled persons.

Baadraan’s BEsT (Baadraan Essential trainings) act as a path to success. You can join to the BEst program and learn things that many successful associates do each day.

Our Message is:
“Customers Satisfaction and associate's success are the sources of inspiration and innovation for us”