Sales Aids

Staurday, 12 Octpber, 2014


BaadRaan Sales Aids

Start your Business with Baadraan Starter Kit

The first step to starting your business is getting your Starter Kit. When you become a Baadraan Distributer, you will receive Sample products to demonstrate with friends and potential customers. In addition, Brochures and DVDs describing our company and products. Each starter Kit contain baadraan product catalogue. At first time baadraan catalogue renew each 3 months.

BEsT Academy
The q (Baadraan Essential Tranings) Academy contains product information and advanced business trainings. Training a bunch of newcomers may seem difficult, but if you as their direct sales manager or team leader have already a concentrated training plan, then, everything will fall into their right places through your guidance.
As concentrated trainings, BEsT program learns how to become a successful direct seller.